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Book Cindy & Grey

To arrange a concert or other program, please contact Cindy.


What Will People Hear in a Typical Kallet & Larsen Concert?

  • In concert Cindy and Grey typically present Cindy’s original songs, distinctive settings of traditional Irish music, Scandinavian-style fiddle duets, old-time fiddle and guitar tunes from southern Indiana, and new music that Cindy and Grey are inventing together. However, they can also focus their performance more narrowly in a way that may be more appropriate for your series or festival.

Hosting a House Concert

  • If you would like to host a house concert with Cindy and Grey and have not produced one before, you may wish to use the resources at Concerts in Your Home. Cindy and Grey are also happy to send you their own suggestions and guidelines for presenting a house concert, and to work with you to make it a successful experience for all.

Materials and Media

  • At the Media Materials page you will find press releases, high-resolution photos and posters.
  • Cindy and Grey are happy to take part in media interviews.
  • They will happily send CDs and/or audio files to radio stations and other media people.
  • Here is their Stage Plot and Technical Rider. (Click to view, right-click to download PDF.)

Add-ons to Concert Dates: Programs, Workshops, Performances and Lessons

  • If time and travel permit, Cindy and Grey enjoy presenting a workshop or two in conjunction with a concert. This can help increase concert attendance.
  • Private lessons can sometimes be arranged in conjunction with a concert.
  • They can provide music for religious services in conjunction with a weekend concert. This too can help increase concert attendance.
  • School programs may also be arranged.