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Sales of “Back When We Were All Machines” help support the following charitable organizations.
Thank you for your purchase!

We want to let you know that 100% of the profits from the sale of this song will go to the two organizations listed below. We know there are thousands of organizations doing amazing work all over the world and these choices represent but a tiny fraction. We chose them in part because they are doing international work and we know that those of you buying the song come from all parts of the world. Because of the various themes of the song, we also wanted to contribute to groups whose work helps people stay connected to each other in a real and healthy way, and connected, as well, to the earth on which we happen to live. 

In doing our research, we also came across many other organizations doing important and timely work. Some of these groups address issues of cyberbullying, an obvious negative impact from the wide use of interactive technology. We’ve listed a few of the websites below. Please check them out. 

Here are the two organizations that will share the 100% of the profits from the sale of this song: